If you are someone who has a restless sleep then here are few things you should do to get a goodnight sleep:

Make your bed comfortable

You should make sure that your sleeping space is clean and comfortable. If you get cold easily then you need to have cozy blanket along with comfortable pillows. For a comfortable mattress you could get something like Giselle bedding mattress topper which has number of positive reviews online.

Make a sleep schedule

If you have a specific time of waking up and to go to bed then you can regulate your body clock. This will ensure that you don’t wake up in between the sleep. Also to get a deep sleep you should be anxiety and stress free. You could have a bedtime routine for example you could give yourself a head massage which will improve the blood circulation and help you fall asleep faster. Apart from this there are many sleep lotions that claims to cure sleeping problems such as insomnia. So you could give this a try and according to many people who have tried this, it really helps to give a goodnight sleep.

Have a productive day

If you are going to be lazing around and napping all day, it is likely that you will not be able to sleep in the night. So you should avoid naps and be active all day. To avoid being lazy you could exercise this will ensure that you are active all day. Also if your old mattress isn’t very comfortable then you could have mattress sale and replace it with something more comfortable bed.

Be mindful of what you eat

Food has an important part to play with our sleeping patterns. Your breakfast needs to be the heaviest meal of the day, so don’t skip it because if you do you will be lethargic all day. During lunch it is likely that you will have something like rice which is heavy in carbs. Not many people are aware of this but carbs makes you full and you feel drowsy. So to avoid napping do something active in between work if you can go for a walk or move around your work place. Avoid heavy carbs during dinner as this will make you sleepy right after the meal which isn’t very healthy. Have something like salad with chicken or fish and make sure that your food is digested enough before you go to bed. So if you have a habit of going to bed early then make sure to have your dinner around 6pm. Lastly limit your caffeine intake as it can cause sleep problems and make you stay up all night!